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Stock Exchange Listing
New York Stock Exchange (Trading Symbol "LB")
Transfer Agent and Dividend Reinvestment Plan Administrator

American Stock Transfer & Trust Co. ("AST") is the stock transfer agent and dividend paying agent for L Brands. You can contact AST toll-free at 1-866-875-7975. Visit our Transfer Agent page for more information.

How can I open a franchise or establish a business partnership?
In the U.S., Canada and U.K., all of our brands are owned and operated by L Brands and therefore are not franchise operations.  Throughout the rest of the world, we currently work with a small number of international partners to deliver our La Senza, Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works brands to customers. We are not soliciting requests for new partners, distributors or licensees.
Independent Public Accountants
Ernst & Young
Columbus, Ohio
No - the company completed the sale of La Senza in January 2019.
L Brands closed all Henri Bendel stores and its ecommerce site in January of 2019.
Can I buy stock directly from the company?

L Brands is pleased to offer a Direct Purchase and Sale Plan (the "Plan") for the shares of common stock of L Brands through our transfer agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust ("AST"). The Plan, Investor's Choice, provides both registered holders and interested first-time investors with an affordable alternative for buying and selling LB common stock. The Investor's Choice Plan features include:

  • Convenient Purchase Option
  • Automatic Dividend Reinvestment
  • Direct Deposit of Dividends
  • Certificate or Book-Entry Ownership
  • Direct Sale

Visit the AST website for more information.

How can I find out about my L Brands stock?
If you are a registered shareholder, please contact the transfer agent, American Stock Transfer ("AST") at 866-875-7975. If you hold your shares in a brokerage account, you will need to contact your financial advisor for more information.

If you are an employee with the Company enrolled in the Associate Stock Purchase Plan and wish to inquire about your account, please call AST Employee Plan administration at 866-460-4210.
Where can I find stock split and dividend payment history for L Brands?

L Brands stock has split twelve times since the first split in 1970.

View L Brands' stock split and dividend history
How can I get more information about the performance of the stock?

To get more information about stock performance, go to the Stock Information area of our site, which includes stock performance charts, a link to the SEC's EDGAR database, and our annual reports.

When is your next sales call? Earnings call? Can I listen in?

For a listing of announcement dates for both monthly sales and quarterly earnings, visit the Calendar page in the Investor Relations section of this site. Audio Web Casts for all calls are also available on our Sales & Earnings page.

What is a transfer agent?
A professional agency employed by a corporation to handle the transfer of certificates, conversion of securities, mailings to stockholders, payments of dividends, stock subscriptions and maintaining the books of the corporation. American Stock Transfer ("AST") is the transfer agent for L Brands.
What does it mean to be a registered shareholder?
You are a registered shareholder if your name appears on the certificate or in the registration of the security and in the corporation books .
What does it mean to be a beneficial shareholder?
You are a beneficial shareholder if your shares are held through a brokerage account, as opposed to registered directly in your name. This is also referred to as holding shares in "street name".
What are book entry shares?
Book entry form of registered ownership allows a person to own shares without having physical stock certificates in their possession.
What does "record date" mean?
The date on which a shareholder must officially own shares in order to be entitled to a dividend. After the date of record the stock is said to be ex-dividend. Dividends are paid to shareholders of record as of a specificed date.
I still have my Intimate Brands stock but IBI doesn't exist anymore. What do I do?

On March 21, 2002, L Brands completed a short-form merger of Intimate Brands following a successfully completed exchange offer with Intimate Brands shareholders thereby recombining the two companies. Under the terms of the exchange offer, Intimate Brands shareholders are entitled to receive 1.10 shares of L Brands common stock in a tax-free exchange for each outstanding share of Intimate Brands Class A common stock tendered.

If you still have stock certificates for Intimate Brands, please contact the transfer agent, AST, for information regarding the account and detailed exchange instructions. A shareholder services representative can be reached toll-free by dialing 1-866-875-7975.

Cost basis information for Intimate Brands recombination
Your cost basis for your L Brands stock received as a result of the merger with Intimate Brands is the same as your original cost basis in Intimate Brands. You apply that same cost basis to the LB shares you received in exchange for Intimate Brands.
Is Les Wexner still Chairman and CEO of L Brands?
Les Wexner stepped down as Chairman and CEO of L Brands after L Brands Annual Meeting of Shareholders on May 14, 2020. Board member Sarah Nash succeeded him as board chair, and Andrew Meslow, CEO of Bath & Body Works, succeeded his as CEO of L Brands. Mr. Wexner remains a member of the board of directors serving as chairman emeritus.  Additional details about these changes can be found here.
Is the company separating Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works?
As part of L Brands’ strategy announced on May 4, 2020, the company remains committed to establishing Bath & Body Works as a standalone public company and is taking the necessary steps to prepare the Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, Victoria’s Secret Beauty and PINK businesses (collectively, Victoria’s Secret) to operate as a separate, standalone company.