At L Brands, we are guided in our work and our interactions with others by four core principles – our values. These are the same beliefs that have made us successful since our start in 1963. They are:

  • The customer rules!
    Everything we do must begin and end with an insatiable drive to anticipate and fulfill our customers’ desires.


  • Passion leads to success.
    We pursue excellence because we are emotionally, intellectually and spiritually engaged in our work ... and that makes our talent formidable and our results extraordinary.


  • Inclusion makes us stronger.
    We cherish our diversity, because embracing others’ thoughts, experiences, hopes and dreams makes our own more complete and connects us to our customers.


  • It matters how we play the game.
    Doing what is right means following our beliefs – and the rules – when no one is watching. Winning means nothing unless how we get there is fair, collaborative, rooted in our values and contributes to the greater good.

Our values are at the heart of every thing we do. They’re a connection to our history and a guide for our future. And they’re the measure of success for how we do things today.